Annual Wellness Exam

Annual exams are a very important part of your pet's health. A thorough physical exam can detect many early conditions like heart disease, dental disease, arthritis, cataracts and diabetes. Prevention is the key. If a problem can be detected in its early stages, there is a much greater chance it can be treated and resolved with less difficulty and greater success. We want to make sure your pet is healthy and happy.


Diagnostic Laboratory

We have an in-house diagnostic laboratory that allows us to run routine blood tests, coagulation panels, fecal and urinary analysis, cytology and various specific diagnostic disease tests. This helps us to get the answers we need as quick as possible.


Digital Radiology and Ultrasound

Radiographs and ultrasound are an important diagnostic tool for many conditions. Our digital X-ray system allows quick and clear images to help find out what's wrong. We offer select ultrasound services when needed.


soft tissue and orthapedic surgery

We perform surgeries everyday that include scheduled spays, neuters, bladder stone removals, and mass removals.We are always prepared for traumatic injuries whether it is a laceration, serious injury or fractured bones. 

We monitor all our small animal patients closely with digital monitors that can provide oxygen levels, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature and EKG.




Have you looked at your pets teeth lately? You may be surprised what you see. 

We encourage all our clients to participate in preventative oral health by brushing their pets teeth daily and giving dental chews or supplements. Most pets will need to have a professional dental cleaning at least once a year, just like you to maintain healthy teeth and gums. We are equipped with the latest in dental equipment to clean and/or extract your pets teeth.


Diet and Nutritional Counseling

We carry a large supply of everyday and speciality foods from Hills, Royal Canin and Purina to help make sure your pet is eating the diet that is right for them.



A high quality vaccine given at the proper time is critical for your pet or livestock's health. We choose to use the best vaccines on the market. For example, we give only non-adjuvented vaccines for cats. We will tailor each pet or herd vaccine program to their individual situation and exposure.



We encourage you to have your pet microchipped. Countless pets are lost or stolen every year that could be identified by a microchip which is registered by a national database. This increases their chances of being reunited with their owner. 


pharmacy and supply store

Our fully stocked pharmacy and supply store is available to fill prescriptions and get you the right medication right now when you need it. If you find we do not have what you need, we can most likely order in whatever you want within 24-48 hours.


Equine Services

We provide exams, vaccinations, dental floating, coggins testing, colic and emergency evaluations.


Bovine Service

We provide a wide range of services in our facility and at your farm that include herd health recommendations, medicine, surgery, lameness, and emergencies. Reproductive expertise includes fertility testing, pregnancy evaluation by ultrasound, synchronization, and artificial insemination.


Boarding, Baths, and nail trims

If you are gone for a day or for a week, we will be happy to keep your pet. We pride ourself on accommodating  our boarders with a very comfy place to stay with soft blankets, toys, and lots of attention. Current vaccinations and acceptable flea control are required. 

We are happy to offer a bath and nail trim anytime you wish. Whether they are already staying with us or you choose to schedule a convenient time.